Thursday, June 28, 2007

I don't want an iPhone

My wife and I agree: we don't want iPhones, at least not yet. I'm not entirely immune to the Apple bug: "Oh, it has an Apple logo on it? Cool. I want one." Nevertheless, I wanted an iPhone for about two hours.

Then I found out it won't run 3rd party apps, like our Treo 650s do.

Then I found out it has slow Internet over AT&T Wireless, like my Treo 270 did. I gave up on Internet over smartphone -- more trouble than it's worth.

Apple has a way of coming out with amazingly cool products that look amazingly primitive a few years later. On the other hand, if you wait a few years, you can get an Apple product that really fits your needs. We own a 5th generation iPod, for example, that shows no signs of becoming obsolete any time soon.

Anyway, maybe I'll get an iPhone in 2011. But I'm really happy with my two year old Treo. Perhaps I'll still still be carrying it then.

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